Sydney Opera House & Sarah Blasko


Live Performance Visuals

Sarah Blasko, a friend and previous collaborator, got in touch to ask if I’d be interested in creating the visuals for a live performance of her upcoming album, Eternal Return, in the Concert Hall at the Sydney Opera House. Sarah’s one of the most talented people I know and is incredible to work with, so my answer was a definite yes.

It was a challenging task: a month of production time to create imagery for the entire one-hour length album, which meant only three days to create the visuals for each song. But with a strict schedule everything went according to plan.

In contrast to her previous releases, synthesisers play a central role in the album and Sarah wanted to capture the sense of ‘drifting in space’ that they contribute. To mirror this, the 3D images are synthesised (as opposed to filmed) and reference an earlier era of psychedelia that influenced the sound of the album.

Sarah and her band performaing in the Concert Hall at the Sydney Opera House with the visuals.

I wanted the visuals to achieve a sense of synesthesia - that the audience feels like they’re seeing what they’re hearing. To this end, most of the animation is driven by the music’s midi files, as well as the amplitude and frequency of the music's waveforms. With the drummer playing to a click-track that was synced with visuals, the imagery and sound worked together as a single experience.

“She cautiously but elegantly made her way through 10 tracks, all of them accompanied by filmmaker Mike Daly's subtle but stunning visuals. Reminiscent of old Microsoft screen savers, the rippling, floating, pulsating lines and colours provided a perfect backdrop as Blasko journeyed majestically through strange lands.”

Sydney Morning Herald

A story on ABC's 7.30 program about Sarah and me working on the album launch.

Video Projections: Mike Daly
Music: Sarah Blasko
Venue: Sydney Opera House
Festival: Graphic