TV Series Promo

I was living in London when the BBC and their agency Karmarama approached me to direct a launch trailer for their upcoming documentary series The Tudors.

I loved the simplicity of the concept - a chess game of Tudor family members, representing their brazen power grabs and disloyalty to each other. I wanted to create something seething and visceral that inhabited a dreamlike space.

Smoke, dust, a crane and high-speed cameras capturing one thousand frames per second, were some of the tools and elements that enabled us to shape the imagery into an otherworldly and painterly form. In fact, the colour palette is a direct reference the yellowing, ageing pigments of 16th-century renaissance paintings.

Like much of my work, everything was carefully pre-visualised and planned in pre-production. I created 3D scale-models which ensured that the 108 meter square chessboard we bespoke built from hessian and timber was the right size.

Director: Mike Daly
Producer: Bridie Harrison
Cinematographer: Benjamin Todd
Art Director: Daniel Maclagan
Costume Designer: Leonie Hartard
Editor: Ryan Boucher
Colorist: Paul Harrison
Compositing: Jason Watts
Agency: Karmarama